Jun 19th Upcoming Xen upgrade with reboot @ 06:00 Central EU time on June 20

We are planning to reboot the machine hosting your Game Server at approximately 06:00 Central EU time on June 20, in order to upgrade it to the most recent version of Xen. This is necessary because the new version includes a fix for a newly-discovered, critical Xen vulnerability. For the reboot, your Game Server will need to be shut down, then ... Read More »

Jun 14th Datacenter hardware maintenance

Hello, Our dedicated servers provider has sent us an alert about a hardware (electrical reboot) replacement that will happen on June 14, at 6:00AM EDT and last about 1 to 1.5 hour.   This hardware replacement will affect one of our core servers. As a result, during the intervention, our service will be interrupted (this regards GPanel only). ... Read More »