Special Halloween

From today a special promotion to celebrate Halloween, a special price for SoF2 v1.00 and SoF2 Gold Servers, use the code: witch17
recurring once, expires at the November 4, 2017!

23rd Oct 2017
Upcoming Xen upgrade with reboot @ 06:00 Central EU time on June 20

We are planning to reboot the machine hosting your Game Server at approximately 06:00 Central EU time on June 20, in order to upgrade it to the most recent version of Xen. This is necessary because the new version includes a fix for a newly-discovered, critical Xen vulnerability. For the reboot, your Game Server will need to be shut down, then ... Read More »

19th Jun 2017
Datacenter hardware maintenance

Hello, Our dedicated servers provider has sent us an alert about a hardware (electrical reboot) replacement that will happen on June 14, at 6:00AM EDT and last about 1 to 1.5 hour.   This hardware replacement will affect one of our core servers. As a result, during the intervention, our service will be interrupted (this regards GPanel only). ... Read More »

14th Jun 2017
Upcoming reboot on 9/8

Between 12:30am and 4am local time for your service on Thursday, September 8, we plan to gracefully shut down your Server, upgrade the machine hosting it to an updated version of Linux, reboot the machine, and bring your Server back online. We expect for this process to cause approximately 30-60 minutes of downtime for your service.Because this ... Read More »

7th Sep 2016
Slot number update

minimum slot number is changed from 18 to 16!

19th Aug 2016
We changed look!

For any problem do not hesitate to contact our support: http://www.proclanservers.com/submitticket.php

27th Jul 2016
On Holiday

Info! We will be out of the office starting July 31, 2016 through August 16, 2016. If you need immediate assistance during this time please use the Support page. The answers and the new activations will be guaranteed but may be delayed.

26th Jul 2016
New DDoS Filter

We are pleased to announce our new secure network. We have put a tremendous amount of time (thousands of hours) and money (hundreds of thousands of dollars) just into dealing with DoS attacks and we continue to fight them as best we can on behalf of our customers. We are now able to filter: • An ICMP (ping) flood • A UDP flood against a game ... Read More »

28th Oct 2015