We are pleased to announce our new secure network. We have put a tremendous amount of time (thousands of hours) and money (hundreds of thousands of dollars) just into dealing with DoS attacks and we continue to fight them as best we can on behalf of our customers.
We are now able to filter:
• An ICMP (ping) flood
• A UDP flood against a game server's standard playing port
• A TCP flood against a game server's rcon port
• Fragmented UDP or TCP packets
• A general UDP or TCP attack against a random port or ports
While we do not market our company as a (D)DoS mitigation provider, our systems are actually better than nearly all such specialist hosts.

If you need a real mitigation, order your server from us, if you are not satisfied we give you the money back. We have already helped many people to solve this problem permanently with this new system.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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