How to perform a tracert

1) Click the start menu and choose or type (then hit enter) run

2) In the box that pops up, type in cmd and hit enter.

3) In the black box that pops up, type in tracert serverip (where serverip is your server IP) and then hit enter.

4) You will start to get a lot of data appearing in the black area.

5) When it's done, copy the data by right clicking on the title bar and going to "edit > select all" and then "edit > copy"

6) Open your email and compose a new message to us, or start/continue a support request through the "Support Ticket" page in your account. Paste the information that you just copied in that email and include your personal IP address AND a short description of the type of lag you are experiencing i.e. ping, loss, choke etc.! (to get your ip, click here)
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